Grameen Pani is a countrywide safe drinking water supply project.



Safe and readily available water is important for public health, whether it is used for drinking, domestic use, food production or recreational purposes. Improved water supply and sanitation, and better management of water resources, can boost countries’ economic growth and can contribute greatly to poverty reduction. Being a country of population around 165 million, it is hard for Bangladesh to ensure safe drinkable water for everyone. 


Over the past years The Department of Public Health Engineering has successfully sourced and distributed safe drinkable water throughout the country. With the motto to ensure safe drinkable water for everyone the Department of Public Health Engineering has now launched and implemented the “Countrywide Safe Drinking Water Supply Project”. The project intervention focuses on sourcing, constructing, development, distribution of safe drinkable water as well as monitoring the progress and the entire system. 


The Department of Public Health Engineering (DPHE) intends to develop a software and an app for monitoring and visualization of the project progress and quality of work through field data collection using smartphones which should then be uploaded in a server for processing and then provide desired outputs accessible by authorized users using a web-browsers. It is noted that such a system cannot replace the tasks of an Executive Engineer as per FIDIC regulations and primarily aims on efficiency of the tasks of said Engineer and provides the “Countrywide Safe Drinking Water Supply Project '' with up to date of the field activities.


Business Goal:

Through this software, the organization has achieved a digital service delivery platform from which they’ll be able to get physical status of construction of the water source, community-based water supply and pipelines. Previously, the Department of Public Health Engineering used to get reports through a manual process and thus the process was lengthy, complicated and also expensive.


The overall objective of the assignment will be the following:

  • To take part in enhancement of efficiency of “Countrywide Safe Drinking Water Supply Project'' by providing a single-stop app and software “Grameen Pani” to monitor and manage the progress of construction, implementation of pipelines, provide visual images to live assess quality, and monitor the number and frequency of visits from field engineers;

  • To manage the design, development, deployment, and operationalization of the “Grameen Pani” for both app and software;

  • To provide technical support for a Project Monitoring Dashboard by designing, developing, analyzing and implement the system to integrate;

  • To enhance Monitoring Dashboard operation efficiency and to create better result by means of digitization;

  • To show that such a System can work for a selected water source or pipeline;



The “Grameen Pani” is built around suitable open-source tools that will provide a solution for users to build a data collection form or survey, collect the data on a mobile device and send it to a server, and aggregate the collected data on a server and extract it in useful formats. The software is built for “Countrywide Safe Drinking Water Supply Project'' needs to include mechanisms for real-time monitoring of data capture, participatory tracking of project progress and irregularities, and comment submission. The platform automatically tracks date and time, and GPS coordinates to form data and photos, which are transmitted upon submission to an online database. In geographic areas without mobile internet, the submission can be stored on the phone memory and transmitted later. The online database is accessible to permitted users with appropriate hierarchy, where reports will be pinned to the physical interventions locations which are visible on an interactive map interface. The software can provide in-depth and real-time snapshots of project performance in a resource-constrained environment, automatically place pressure points on identified problem packages, inject transparency into the construction process, and motivate supervision teams and contractors.


The features of the software are as following: 

  • Package

The package will have detailed information of the packages which will include serial No, tender ID, work order no, reference to NOA with date, title, estimated amount, contact amount with the start date & end date of the project.

  • Community based water supply

In the community-based water supply there is detailed information of construction, location, structure and hand-over along with images. One can create One can also see the laboratory test result of the water here. There is also the list of 

  • Water Source

In the water source there is detailed information of the contract, caretaker and the tube well. There is also the final list of all the tube wells along with various reports. 

  • Rural Pipeline

In the rural pipeline there is a final and draft list of all the tube wells along with various reports.

  • Upazilla Office Building

Here is the detailed information of the location and handover data along with the design of the building and images. 

  • Financial

The list and details of all sorts of financial expenses and budgets are entered and listed here. 


Functional Requirements:

The Grameen Pani will have two major components - web portal and Android mobile application.  

  1. Web Portal

  2. Login Page


After hitting the domain name in the web browser, the user will get the login page. Users are pre-registered into the system with the allowed permissions specific to the authority into the organization After successful login, the user will get his dashboard. The data transferred to the server from the web browser in encrypted format through a secured socket layer.





Users are going to get a custom dashboard according to the permissions given to them. For example, PD and TL will get executive summary reports upon the whole project whereas others might get the reports on the specific area assigned to them.




There will be a final package list which will include the detailed information of the contract.



Community based water supply 

There will be several information regarding constructions, location & structure including laboratory test report, images and handover information.



This will be a journal of all the invoices, payments and vendors.


Water source 

There will be detailed information about the tube well. 



The users will get reports using different filters.




The users will receive notification from time to time.



2. Android Mobile Application

Mobile Application 

An Android mobile application will be available in the Google Play Store. Users can download and install the app. The app will support all the major versions of Android Operating System by Google. After opening the app, there will be a splash page as well as a welcome page. 

Only pre-registered users can use the app. The login credential information is the same both for web portal and mobile application. If a user changes password in the portal, the password for the app will be changed as well. 



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